New Orleans Natural Hair Expo/Essence Fest

New Orleans was the place to be during the Fourth of July weekend! I had decided last minute to go ahead and make that drive with my friend there because I had never been during Essence Fest. The traffic from Texas to Louisiana was a mess, but we got through and made it. (I'd rather fly through.)

Once we got there I met with Fontanne of Curlgenetics, and her whole team! My girls Ciara and Nicole were even there! It's always good familiar faces. I was invited to blog about the hair which I will review in an upcoming post. That hair is so bomb! I'm excited to review as this was my very first time trying extentions other than my usual braids, faux locs, and twists! They took the time to show me how to install it and sent me on my way! 

The next day me and my curly friends attended the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo. I was invited by Curlgenetics to talk to customers about the hair and let them see how it was installed on my hair. People kept telling me all day long that they thought it was all of my hair. 

During the Expo, I had a little time to go around and see all the vendors that were there. They all kinds of natural hair companies there along with apparel boutiques, jewelry, and they even had a mini salon hooking people up with quick styles with Design Essentials. One company that I was excited to see there was CurlMix! I had been following their page on Instagram ever since I saw HeyFranHey's Youtube tutorial/review of how to make your own product and use it! I never ordered, but when I saw them having a sale, I decided that was my chance to try them out for myself! I will review the box I got soon so stay tuned for that! 

After the Expo, me and my friends decided to head to Essence Fest at the Convention Center. When I tell you that place was packed, honey it was PACKED. So many celebrities, businesses and people in one place! Oprah was even there! We really just wanted to head to the hair and beauty section to speak to a few of our favorite beauty bloggers. Once we did that, we left because it was way too much going on in that place. 

Later, we kind of all split up and it was just me and my girl Ahzjah to take on the city! Saint Heron had posted about an exclusive Day Party on Instagram where you had to RSVP and we sent our reservations and were in there! That was such a cute and fun party. The DJ was Kitty Cash who was super dope, we saw Solange's best friend Melina (I swore we saw Solange too but that was never confirmed lol), and we got to take pictures in a photo booth and dance and drink with beautiful people. That was probably the best part of the day to me. 

After that we were exhausted and dying from hunger so we finally got food and rested so we could explore the next day. 

Me and Ahzjah got up the next morning and went to go get some beignets from the Famous Cafe du Monde! You cannot go to New Orleans and not stop by this place! It's so good! I would definitely suggest going early in the morning to avoid the crowds and long lines though. If not, you'll be waiting while melting in the sun forever! 

After beignets, we walked the French Quarter for a bit and came across this cute little market. You could buy anything from souvenirs to African attire here. And all for a great price! 

We decided to head back to Essence Fest for a short while because I wanted to see if I could catch Maria Antoinette who is one of my favorite YouTubers! When we had gone the day before, Maria had already left for the day. So when we returned the next day I was so excited to see her! I also met Janae Raquel who is another great YouTuber that I had been following. I got to take a photo with the whole Cantu crew! They were all so sweet! 

Afterwards we left and decided to head Shea Moisture's Pop Up Shop! Our girl Myzha hit us up and let us know that they were doing a flash sale and everything was 50% off! So we headed back to the French Quarter and went! Once we got there we got to meet SunKissedAlba who is another one of my favorite YouTubers! She looked so beautiful and was so sweet in person! She gave me some suggestions for skincare and I am so grateful! We purchased our favorite products for the low and headed out! 

We decided to head back to Myzha's house which is where we stayed for the weekend. Her mother is such a sweetheart and a wonderful host. Our weekend had come to an end but I honestly didn't want to leave! 

I honestly feel like I either belong in New Orleans, Los Angeles, or Ausin. I would have to say New Orleans is number one on that list. Depending on where things lead for me, I hope to end up back to this wonderful city soon! I can never get enough when I'm there. I will be back New Orleans! <3

Concrete Jungle


This year I proclaimed that I will travel more. So far, I've been fortunate enough to do just that! One of my dearest friends just moved to New York at the start of the new year, and I made a vow to make sure I booked the first cheap deal I saw! I'm starting to become a pro a searching for deals online… once I fully get the hang I'll post about it ok?

So New York… city of dreams… if you can make it there you'll make it anywhere! Right? This was my very first time to this state and what an experience! I stayed with my friend in Brooklyn and the first night I got there we partied. I got a taste of the ratchet night life and I must say I am not a fan. Lol Why do men feel it's perfectly acceptable to just grab on any woman they please without their consent?! What a huge turn off. Nonetheless the club was poppin, I just didn't want to be approached by any dude after that. Can a girl just go out and party with her girl without the B.S.?

The next day was much better and more welcoming… we started our day checking out this resale shop in Bushwick where they had all types of winter gear to face the cold weather and snow for dirt cheap! I didn't find anything in there but my girl did. Afterwards we came to a pizza spot in the same area called Roberta's. We split a decent sized pizza and sipped on some homemade drinks. It was pretty delicious. After pizza, we walked around Bushwick for a little bit and took pictures. This is their arts district and there was dope graffiti everywhere!
We then hopped on the subway and ventured out way to Central Park. I don't think we entered on the right side because it honestly didn't look like much to me. Plus, it was so cold I wanted to move on to somewhere where we could be indoors and warm.
Our venture continued and led us to the museum… The Museum of Sex. What an interesting and fun place! There was history for anything and everything that was sex! Including animals. Let me just say that old people back in the day were some straight up FREAKS. I'd recommend anyone to go being that sex is natural and shouldn't be taboo to talk about. Plus I love learning about us humans in every aspect of life.
Nightlife had once again fallen upon us and my girl had the hookup to get into this fly ass club near Madison Square Garden. This is where I got my life. Lol
Now I will say that it is extremely hard to get into exclusive clubs in New York. We went to this place called Riff Raff, (no correlation to the rapper) and these door men were rejecting every girl that didn't look a certain way. That kinda bothered me, but I was freezing my ass off and just concerned about getting in this place to defrost. Luckily, me and my girl "looked" good enough to get in. Once we got in though… man! Shots and drinks galore! I'm not a drinker really but it helped warm me up. Once it got in my system I was lit. That was the best club I think I had ever been to. And I'm not a frequent club goer. But it was a drastic change from the previous night. I guess who you let in really will determine the tone of the party. Whatever. I had a kick ass time that night.
My last full day I wanted to link and collaborate with different photographers and creatives and be a true tourist. I got to link with this photographer, Stephen, who was super courteous showing me around the city while shooting me. He's probably the nicest person I met while in New York. Everyone really does seem to be rude there. Lol I'll have a separate post on our day next.
All in all I had fun, but I didn't even get to experience half of everything I wanted to do and see, which most definitely means I'll be back! (AFROPUNK maybe?)